Dashboards and Digital Twins

Digital twins and dashboards combine model and sensor data and support decision making. Model results and sensor data are visualised in dashboards that indicate the status of the water system now and in the future. Dashboards include status indicators, maps, thresholds for triggering actions or for showing an effect of a certain measure or action on the status of the water body.

Our role

We set up digital twins and sensor dashboards for specific sensors and combine the sensor information with other information sources, data and maps on environmental data.

We design and build (meta)databases to connect sensor data to model data and other (environmental) data. We have developed dashboards for specific applications related to salinisation, groundwater management, pesticide management and soil pollution.

Policy support for sustainable soil management

Groundwater webtool for Campine Region

Soil webtool for Campine Region

Salinisation in the Belgian coastal area

Real-time sensor network for the Stiemer river

Port of Antwerp

Water quality sensoring in the port of Antwerp

WaterProtect Reporting tool for monitoring data

Products and services

Decision Support


Modelling and Data Analysis

Dashboards and Digital Twins