Digital Water Services

Our digital water tools and services help to manage water resources and to preserve water and soil quality.

Products and services


Facilitating the setup of sensor networks and data flows

Modelling and Data Analysis

Understanding the water system for better water management

Dashboards and
Digital Twins

Sensor data and model results visualised in dashboards

Decision Support

Expert advice for authorities and industry

Digital Water Tools

VITO's digital water tools support the sustainable management of our water resources and soil.


Climate change, increased urbanisation and agriculture are posing severe pressure on water systems and soil. Understanding how these water systems operate, is crucial for proper management and adaptation. These challenges are at the heart of our research and innovation:

Soil and groundwater management

Groundwater is a valuable water resource and is increasingly put under stress due to drought and pollution.

Water Quality

Water quality is one of the biggest challenges in densely populated areas.

Water Quality

Urban Hydrology

Climate change and population growth in cities increases the risk of floodings, soil and water pollution.

Drought and Water Scarcity

Climate change results in increased risks for drought and water scarcity

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Water quality sensoring in the port of Antwerp

The water resources in the port of Antwerp are under increasing pressure due to climate change. A sensor network for real-time monitoring and the associated data analysis enables more targeted operational management and better coordination between the various actors.

Sustainable use of plant protection products

The WaterProtect Planning Tool enables the sustainable use of plant protection products. It gives reliable and detailed advice to mitigate the impact of plant protection products on the local environment and for compliance with the EU Green Deal. 

Soil management and effective pollution remediation

Healthy soils are of crucial importance. VITO acts as the official reference institute for policy advice on soil pollution and remediation in Flanders.

Beleidsondersteuning voor een duurzaam bodembeheer en een effectieve sanering in Vlaanderen


Urban expansion and storm overflows of the sewer system have a major impact on the water quality of the Stiemer river in Genk.