Decision Support

Environmental legislation and policy are driving the development of new tools and policy supporting consulting services for environmental management. In the field of water, legislation related to water scarcity, flooding, pollution are the main driving forces.

Our role

Based on our expertise in the water domain, combined with models and IT, we deliver high-end policy-driven advice to public authorities and industry that require support in setting up legislation or responding to legislation related to water and soil. Examples are policy support related to pollution, support to industry on effects of water scarcity on their operations.


F-Leach tool for leaching risks to groundwater

Policy support for sustainable soil management

WaterProtect Planning tool for plant protection products

WaterProtect Reporting tool for monitoring data

Flood4Cast for determining flood risks

Salinisation in the Belgian coastal area

Port of Antwerp

Water quality sensoring in the port of Antwerp

Products and services

Modelling and Data Analysis

Dashboards and Digital Twins


Decision Support